The Wrong Turn

We took a wrong turn 
At The Old Bardstown Mill
The sign said go right
At the top of the hill

As it turns out
The right turn was wrong
Hence why I'm singing
This intriguing new song

Some disgruntled gent
Changed the old road sign
He pointed the arrow
Way out of line

He made it point right
When it should have been left
Which left us to wonder
Where to go next

We had to back track
Past the Old Bardstown Mill
Through growing thick fog
At the top of that hill

Then in a clearing
We corrected our course
We now took a left
Past a man on a horse

The man on the horse
Tipped his hat with wide brim
He carried a secret
Beknownst only to him

When we passed him
He flashed a wry smile
He knew we were lost
And knew of our trials

The fog rolled on in
From the top of the hill
The blue light of night
Gave the air a big chill

As fast as we saw him
We saw he was gone
A ghostly old spirit
Vanished into the fog

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