Arturia V Collection 8 Synclavier V2

I’m totally blown away by this Cubase vst plugin from Arturia

Besides Cubase – which I love dearly, its closely followed by Arturia’s V Collection 8.

I purchased both on sale and just upgraded both for very reasonable prices. When I first got back into music two years ago, I erroneously purchased a couple hardware synth modules. The Novation Peak was the best hardware synth I’ve ever had (I had Roland Juno’s way back in the 80’s). They take up way too much space, and I want to write and play, not divert my energy and time on sound design.

Fast forward to today, and the Arturia V Collection 8 has more cool vintage synths and patches (and sound design ability) than I’ll ever need. I was smitten with the Solina, but now am totally OCD with their Synclavier vst emulation. In fact, they don’t just emulate these wonderful vintage synths, they breathe new life into them.

Thank God for Steinberg and Arturia. I find new joy every day I continue to try to write a song a day.

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