Johnny Nosebleed

Bully by day
Baby with big needs
This is the sad story
Of Johnny Nosebleed

Big attention seeker
Poor little Johnny
When he doesn't get it
He cries for his mommy

He has no friends
He can't be one either
Delusions of grandeur
Sad self deceiver

Give poor Johnny
A thirsty crying towel
Like a lonely coyote
Hear his mournful howl

This silly song is dedicated to all rotten bastard pathological narcissists. It’s downright chilling how they can manipulate others and switch from bully to victim in seconds.

I had to make this a joke song because when I think of the control Trump has had with so many in his grip I will never again ask “How did Hitler control a whole country like he did?”.

The same did happen and IS STILL happening in America.

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