Victorian Crystal Ice Train

I Came Upon a Midnight Delirium
Victorian era
Deep night opium dream
Curious ice train
Ice cold moonlit scene

Crystal train set
Something from the past
Came to visit me
Came and went so fast

Skeleton train
Bones made of ice
The glistening moon
Made me feel just right


Floating on air
Puffing out mist
Is this
Just a dream?

In my sleep I dreamt I was walking through Green Park in London, and a small Victorian train set toy was floating in the moonlight air and sparkling from the light. When it puffed smoke it was frosty water vapor. The train was all ice and the decoration around each door and window and beam were skeleton bones.

A week ago Thursday, my left knee was replaced. The first 24 hours were pretty easy, the next 48 not so much. I was taking Oxycodone and hated it.

We had a very chilly cold front come in from Alaska and the moon was waxing. I went to sleep looking at the moon and nice clouds nearby, no doubt very icy.

I hate opioids and other downers, but I did get one good thing out of them – a very peaceful dream and this song idea. I do feel sad for anyone addicted to them, heroin or other such hallucinogen.

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