Drum Box and Synthesizer Programming

Roland TR-808 Drum Box

FL Studio Mobile offers some superb drum boxes and synthesizers plus one of the most intuitive programming interfaces I’ve ever used. Its highly addicting.

Roland TR-909

I have mixed feelings – on one hand it requires extra effort and takes time away from playing “real” musical instruments, but on the other, its just another tool in my musical toolbox to use.

The songs I’ve been writing since I’ve mostly stuck sitting around have curiously been short – only 1.5 minutes, but they sound surprisingly complete. The audio quality far exceeds my expectations.

The two Godin Seagull “Merlin” stick dulcimers are perhaps the easiest and most fun instruments I’ve ever played.

I can’t wait to get back to my studio, but for now, this ain’t all that bad, given the long and slow recovery Ill be going through.

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