Into The Light

Cascade Tunnel Railroad

Phew, the last three weeks after having my left knee replaced was some ride. The worst was just the first several days, then it got better slowly each day. I started walking on our street this past week or so (with a walker), and after the first two weeks mostly on the couch I had no stamina and was totally wiped out by 8 PM each night.

Tonight the stamina kicked back in and I will get back into my studio and play guitar, keyboards and cello again. I can’t wait. But these silly little songs using the Fire Tablet, FL Studio and the H1n mic have been great fun.

I went out to the studio, adjusted my chair and man that felt good. Like seeing an old friend.

I’ll have the right knee done probably July or August. But right now I feel like the progress will pick up with a head of steam.

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