Windy Brow Farms

To the West and up on the ridge
A million years before now
Stood a wind swept apple farm
It's name was Windy Brow

Looking out our front window
I loved those simpler times
I'd look up at that apple farm
When time was on my side

Now I'm getting old and gray
The world is so complex
I dream of country apple farms
Where my soul can rest

Autumn orchard harvest time
Leaves turn brilliant hues
Fifty years since Windy Brow
I'm coming home to you

WOW – if I still lived in Sussex County, I’d stop in at Windy Brow Farms almost daily. Huge kudos to the people who own and work for this precious gem – brings back great memories and this business rivals any in Napa and Sonoma – yeah, it really is that good!

Since they bake bread and have yeast – craft beer and hard cider would be amazing!

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