The Fascism Killing Machine

If you have asked “WTF is going on in America?” then read this book!

Finally, a clear headed description and even more importantly, a recipe to kill fascism is in this book. If all of the doom and gloom in the media has you worried, please read this book.

There are several things I’ve been musing about that this book validates :

  1. American demographics and its diversity is the best chance we have at preventing and killing fascism / white nationalism. Protests must happen
  2. The minority (MAGA) fascists are 30 something percent and are out numbered, but they get way too much press and it makes these bullies look much bigger and scarier than they are
  3. Vote like your democracy depends on it
  4. Michael Cohen has become a hero in my book. Yesterday he laid out in very simple, direct and clear terms how to beat Trump. The left has to be louder and more assertive than the right
  5. All fascist movements eventually collapse under their own weight
My New Hero

We have this year and next to basically prevent fascism or at least keep this cancer from growing. If we don’t – plan on a repressive autocratic regime that could take over for a good decade. Hitler lasted 12 ish years, Trump could do the same – or until his shelf life is up – which could be sooner than anyone thinks.

One of the brightest lights today is the J6 Committees imminent presentations / hearings. If they motivate and mobilize anti fascist protests, they will have been effective. If even some moderate Republicans join with Democrats that would be helpful.

Another even bigger win is Putins miscalculation where NATO is gaining members. This is a very serious turning point. Also – the more Ukraine is helped and keeps kicking Russian ass the better. I hope and believe Ukraine will be another Russian Afghanistan. I hope the Ukranians snipe the shit out of occupying Russians.

Of course America was no better with Afghanistan and Iraq.

There are others worse than Trump – like Desantis. Much worse because Desantis is far more competent.

I fully expect a war between Trump and Desantis. Desantis will overtake Trump very soon and then we will see the GQP fracture like never before.

American Oligarchs like Musk just add to the fucking clown show. Money and power are what keep the common man down and “in our place”. I guess America has always been run by large greedy corporations and filthy rich. I’m not sure politicians really matter much especially since they are all bought and sold / told how to vote. Think Gun Control …

I’ve also come to learn from reading “The British Are Coming” that America has been totally flawed from the start by allowing and even promoting slavery. That was mostly inherited from the British, and its amazing what problems it has caused for the life of this country.

Fascism needs to be checked globally. I am more hopeful that it can be. I think people generally want to be free. Some mentally challenged want Cheeto Mussolini to wipe their behind, but free thinkers will never accept fascism. And I truly believe most Americans are free thinkers. We just can’t be apathetic and must take advantage of this opportunity.

My father immigrated from Germany, landed on the Beach at Normandy and drove all the way to Stuttgart fighting fascism. Its my turn to fight.

This ones for you, Dad.

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