Tempus Fugit (a principled life)

I've searched far
I've searched wide
The answer was there
Under my eyes

Under my nose
In front of my face
Do unto others
In the human race

Live life with purpose
Live life with poise
Listen to others
Ignore all the noise

When in the end
Your dying day
You can be proud
You lived life your way

Starting about February, I started getting introspective about my life. I made a strong decision to have both knees replaced and then it hit me – my father had the same thing done when he was a bit older – but its close enough where I came to the realization that I’ve entered the fourth quarter of my life’s football game.

Last fall my 30 year old son had cancer surgery and now is going through chemo. He is a cyclist in super shape and has such a great attitude its downright inspiring. But I worry so much and ask why does such a thing happen to someone so young. It weighs super heavy on my mind every day . . .

Luckily, my music and writing have been the best therapy. When I have a grey day my attempt at writing songs has lifted my spirit and made me as happy as I can be.

While wondering about the rest of my life, I have come to the final verdict that since from the day I first asked these questions – probably in 4th or 5th grade, I realize the plan I had then is what I have now. In 4th grade I wrote a book report on Marconi and that led to my career in tech. My career is going better than ever now in its 41st year. Where did the time go?

Socially, I have always wanted to be seen as a nice guy, and decided the Golden Rule had everything I needed, and has been consistently with me since those early days and has never failed me – even when others haven’t treated me as I have treated them. Both my boys are thoughtful and also carry this with them, so if I only ever taught them one thing, its this. Others may lead grifting, greedy selfish and nasty lives – I say fuck em. I think Karma is real. In any case I don’t dwell on others and how they live their life.

I guess you can say I’ve lived a principled life, and as much as I could, a purposeful life. I really never wasted any time. A few mistakes, but all within the range of normal / usual / expected.

Some people crave travel and excitement, mine has always been an exciting inner journey and my conclusion is to keep on keeping on.

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