Clown Car Fascist (ex President Trading Card #1)

Hang The Traitor

If anyone deserves a noose, its this corrupt, incompetent and butt ugly moron. Prison is too good for this sad piece of human excrement. Mike Pence – (usual bumbling idler and Trump boot licking lackey) finally said no to Trump. That was very important – and will look good for him in history.

There are some “good” Republicans who know when enough is enough. Democrats need to continue to respect and work with the good ones. Liz Cheney looks especially good in her push to have Trump indicted.

Anyone with a shred of common decency world wide needs to mobilize and shut down this pack of loud mouthed, blustering bullies. These mother fuckers are 30 percent of the country. The Woman’s March alone could kick their ass to the curb.

We will need more than these hearings and to vote Democratic across the board.

Wake up! Organize. Crush this Clown Car Fascism.

2 Comments on “Clown Car Fascist (ex President Trading Card #1)

  1. Inspired by the reign of cheeto pendejo.
    Down in the Bunker
    Early in the evening, they are gathering in the street
    Getting it together, they’re going to demonstrate
    Tired of all the killing, tired of all the hate
    just want to make it stop, tired of the wait
    Down in the bunker, fire on the street
    Little man’s afraid, and so he starts to tweet
    Lead Guitar Break
    When you lose your hope, and see nowhere to go
    Anger starts to boil, it continues to grow
    When no one will listen, your plight is ignored
    Demand change to the rules, get justice restored
    Now he tweets while DC burns, injustice reigns supreme
    History seems to rhyme again, and Nero is his meme
    Wouldn’t leave his bunker, heel spurs in the way
    Had his MAGA hat on, but couldn’t save the day
    To the tune of “Down On The Corner” by John Fogerty

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    • Most excellent! The only real joke im America these days is why the majority has fallen prey to the bullies blatherings. I grew up outside of NYC where no one was afraid of this incompetent blustering blowhard.


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