God Bless The King

God Bless The King
And his criminal ring
Incompetent fools
Sycophantic tools

God bless the king
And his family jewels
Flatus sniffing dolts
Playing pocket pool

God Bless the King
Do his dirty deeds
You go to jail
He laughs when you fail

God Bless the King
Proud Boys are Proud
They fell for his lies
Now they're doing time

God Bless the King
And his flaxen fake mop
Pull his Ding a Ling
That's a Fox News thing

God Bless the King
He gophers and farts
Kiss his fat behind
He will blow your mind

Wow. This was the most fun I’ve had in months. I re-imagined “God Save The Queen” but now with Trump. Add in my Ex President Trading Card series, and yeah – a mash up for sure.

I’m playing my Telecaster and NS Designs 5 string cello through a Fender Mustang modeling amp – the 50 watt model. Miked with a Royer R10 ribbon and SM57 on the amp and for vocals and hand claps an SE VR2 and Rode NT1A. Cubase v12.

My New Jersey is back on full stop – pile on this bully – weakling mother fucker.

Trump and his crime family are Dog Day Afternoon combined with The Sopranos. So yeah, lets have fun with this!

Ghouliani surely is Uncle Junior. ….

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