In Odd We Trust (DADA Manifesto: 1918)

Phineas T. Bluster
DADA means everything and  nothing
DADA is a meaningless word
ABC and 123 fly away
DADA (like life) is absurd

DADA is what you want
DADA is what cannot be
DADA is your life
A life you cannot lead

Ideal, ideal, ideal,
Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge,
Boomboom, boomboom, boomboom
Boomboom, boomboom, boomboom

I tried to write something to reflect how in 1918 – DADA was a movement that no doubt was influenced by the horror and disillusionment of those who had to deal with WWI and then a Pandemic. It must have felt the way the last 4 or 5 years have felt – where political idiocy ran rampant. They had some fun with it in art circles – and so I have found comfort in proclaiming that life is fleeting and bizarre. After all – we go through all this shit and then we die any way. If you can’t laugh at that – you’ll cry.

My first attempt – singing was just awful. SO I took out an instrument I really would like to learn – my violin. I did what I used to do with the Cello – and masked my novice playing with an effect – just to make it listenable. The song is a structure many have used – its kind of boring – but I do think I pulled it out of the trash (literally). Not nearly as good as yesterdays song – but passable.

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