Strawberry Moon

Last nights moon
The Strawberry Moon
It cast a shadow bright
Across the yard
Was my Cub Cadet
Bathed in Yellow Light

The mower hummed
And purred all night
Serenaded by crickets
Fast asleep
It made no peep
Not even a hiccup

Guess its time
To mow once more
The grass is getting high
Whack the weeds
They've gone to seed
Their stalks are getting dry

Summer super moon
The strawberry moon

Last night was the first Summer Full Moon – called the Strawberry Moon. By accident I looked out a window and it had just come over the horizon and it was big, bold and gorgeous.

This song started with me trying a new technique on the cello – where I pluck the open strings then bow them. It was great fun – and I think sounds very full and lush. I like it!

Hey – its Summer – time to switch gears a bit and relax and enjoy it. (I’ll try to abstain from posting about politics for a while – heh heh).

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