Love Gun

Baby’s Got a Brand New Gun
Who needs abortion
When there are guns
Take em' to school
Make the kiddies run

Our highest court, the
Food Court Supreme
Fights abortions
With AR-15's

Show Dad you care, and
Buy him a gun
This Fathers Day
Be his favorite son

Speaking of sons
Jesus wanted one
An AR-15, was
His favorite gun

His father, God
In a surprise
Said sorry son, you'll
Shoot our your eye

Don't be like
Pirate Goat Keeper
Dropped his gun
And blew out a peeper

Guns are good
And next to God
Abortions are not
Doesn't that seem odd?

More brown children
White Militias Mad
Ironic twist
In America-land

Be a real man
Don't be a scared
With your Love Gun
Show that you care

Guns Don’t Kill – Window Blind Cords Do

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