Relax and Reset

Trumps Puppet Master, Vladimir Putin. Shyster on Shyster
Hey there buddy
Don't forget
When your feelin down
Relax and Reset

It will only cost a dollar
A penny for your thoughts
Send your money now
Don't be distraught

If you don't have the time
I'll sell you a watch
Your friends will say
Man, he's top notch

You can't lose
Its just a buck
You could use
Some good luck

A year ago I finally taught myself lead guitar – and was having a blast – but for some reason – just stopped. This song revives it with humor – like the guy who tries to play lead and goes astray (the end of this song!)

This song turned out exactly what I was shooting for – the sound of a dumb fuck song based on a huckster – shyster New Yorker in the 70’s – standing outside some cheesy shop in Manhattan trying to sell some piece of junk – but telling you its the best thing ever – and looks so good on you.

Its exactly like the bullshit Trump has sold to his “base”. Wow – even the dumbest New Yorker knows what a con man shyster Trump is. Sad to see so many dumb fucks in America who have fallen for this cheep lame assed 70’s schtick. This dumb fuck song is dedicated to MAGA – which is a sign that says “I’m wit Stoopit” and the arrow pointing to themselves.

I also wanted to throw in a kind of Jonathan Richmond Roadrunner meets Ramones vibe. That dumb singing and simple 3 chord thang with a lead.

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