Country road
That's overgrown
Leading to a home

Abandoned home
That's all alone
Its owners left this earth

Mantle pictures
Old firewood
Cobwebs everywhere

Dusty floors
Leaking roof
Empty for years

The apple tree
Still has leaves
And old sour fruit

Its been there
For all these years
Guarding the secrets

The owners died inside
Their souls have left this earth
Country road
That's overgrown
Leading to a home

Today is the first day that I tried using a Dulcimer in my full recording studio – I had only used it before with FL Studio on the Fire tablet – when I was really laid up and sitting on the couch in the living room after surgery.

Its a great sound – very folksy / country sounding – sometimes sounds a little like a banjo and sometimes a piano – which is very cool. It really hit the spot when the guitar didn’t easily match the cello part or the singing. I wrote the cello part yesterday and just thought “meh” – but the whole thing did turn out better than I had expected. I do think the song matches the photograph / assemblage. I had a really hard time coming up with lyrics – and because I’ve been on my socio-political “rants” lately (which are always fun – but are also kind of mindless) – I wanted to try again to do something metaphorically that can be interpreted by the listener. I totally met that objective. It does take a lot more thought and “noodling” to try to achieve this sort of thing – but I do know (and apologize) for my rants – which hit people over the head. Its just lately – I needed a way to vent – call it musical therapy.

However – the metaphorical approach is better in many ways . . . me thinks . . .

I love it when this happens – some nice “happy accident”. I’ve had things go the other way too – start out with a killer part but the song falls flat . . . Not my best song ever – but better than I had expected anyway . .

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