Are We Not Happy Puppets?

Puppets we are
Throughout our lives
The happiest of us
Do not have strings

We didn't ask to be born
But here we are
Living our best lives
Under the stars

If you have strings
Try to break through
Its not what you say
Its what you do

Tethered to nothing
Except ourselves

Yes, metaphors are always the “safest bet” when writing lyrics. I suppose being direct has its place, but I do like the fact that your metaphor could relate to someone else in a different way.

The “Puppet on a String” or “I’m not your puppet” idea has been done many times. I decided to try to use in in a slightly different way – especially when I thought about Roe V. Wade and all of the outcry over it. I realized that while we are controlled to a certain extent – most of us fly under the radar and the government doesn’t know or care about us. That in itself is a freedom – think about it.

I also realized that no matter what the government decrees – people are going to do what they want – they will get creative and outsmart government every time. I have already heard about how people will circumvent these new laws – and they are very creative – and I applaud them.

So the metaphor is that no matter who or what tries to control us – we still have our own freedom of thought – and there is not – nor ever be any “thought control” unless you willingly let someone brainwash you. If you want to get caught – speak up – else lay low. Even Russians and Chinese have freedoms. Americans can learn from them – especially since we are headed that way – the good news is that in America – the Almighty Dollar will always Trump religion or laws. If people boycott / protest / drop out en masse – the American Government will buck up – even if its an Authoritarian Regime. Without the Almighty Dollar – any government that someone wants to prop up will have its Achilles heel there . . .

I also realized that there is no such thing as complete freedom – not for humans, plants or animals. There are just some things we all have to do that is beyond our control. Animals might be free – but also hunted. They also have to hunt, etc.

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