PF Flyer

Caught red handed
Scene of the crime
Evaded police
For a very short time

Flew down the road
With tremendous speed
Ran red lights
With the greatest of ease

Luck ran out
Wall of cars ahead
Light changed colors
From green to red

Hit the brakes
Flew into the air
PF Flyer 
Lost her life there 

No seat belt or
Safety device
Stolen goods paid 
With her dear life

You can hear her
Late at night
Ghastly moaning 
At that site

PF Flyer 
Crazy Girl
Left this earth
In a whirl

This is a true story – that happened this last weekend very close to my house. In fact, I was coming home from the gym and saw the fire, police and ambulance vehicles surrounding the crime scene. I took a turn so I wouldn’t drive past it – at first I thought it might have been a cyclist or several cyclists hit by a car – since on the weekends this area is very popular with cyclists and there are literally packs of them riding in tandem. Turns out it was just the two people feeing the cops and the way the car ended up avoided slamming into a wall of cars at a stop light, cyclists, pedestrians – (if there were any at that time). So, it could have been far worse – but its sad nonetheless.

Its tragic for sure – the people involved have families that are now mourning, but there is so much to wonder when someone steals something and then has a very high speed pursuit that ends in their death.

I took out my short Gretsch Bass and then played cello on top of that. It worked out very well.

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