Politicians and Preachers

Politicians preachers
Same damned thing
Love to hear
Cash registers ring

Both sell snake oil
Empty verses
You fall for it
Empty your purses

Every Sunday
Every Election
You give these men
A financial erection

Old Saint Stiffy
And Senator Paul
Count their money
What a haul!

Private jets
Hookers and blow
Jeffrey Epstein
Ran the show

Now throw in
The Monied Elite
Fleecing America
Under our feet

It just keeps getting better combining my short Gretsch Bass that I play like a guitar with the NS Designs 6 string electric Cello. I’m in heaven!

Today’s “muse” is based on the notion that Politicians have really become the same thing as TV Evangelists. When I say TV – this includes YouTube and other internet media. No wonder people like me left the church many years ago – and will never return. Any ninny that thinks we will return to a Christian White Nationalist State is dreaming – it will get messy – and violent – but it won’t happen. Think 60’s social upheaval violence – not civil war. Most of these schmucks are old fat white dudes who will be dead within 10 years.

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