When Billionaires Cry

Billionaires (and billionaire boot lickers) should all be fitted with muzzles
Yelling Man
Making a fuss
Wants attention
From the rest of us

Another yelling man
Yelling even louder
Wants attention
From the same damned crowd

What they want
I cannot say
They make no sense
To me anyway

Grand standing Elon
On a big cliff
Drooling and yelling
Smoking a spliff

So much yelling
Not saying nothing
Making shit up
Always bluffing

Makes me laugh
When billionaires cry
For attention from
You and I

I’m cleaning up my diatribes – because my lyrics do enough talking. I also had a really funny epiphany about how all of the old angry white dudes seem to be yelling at the kids to get off the lawn – or at their TV.

Tomorrow I’ll fill in what I really think . . . heh heh

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