Steve Bannon is Pruneface. Don Jr. Is Shaky.
Turn on the news
Watch the podcast
Villains everywhere
Seems so vast

Old Chester Gould
Pictured these thugs
His rogues gallery
Filled with their mugs

Real life creeps
Look like cartoons
Ugly grotesque
Modern day goons

Crime doesn't pay
This we shall see
Not above the law
Applies only to you and me

Prune Face Bannon
Girdles Guilfoyle
Drippy Giuliani
Diaper Don
Ivanka Wanker
Jared Cushion
Gumby Trump
Bark Meadows
Nitwit Navarro
Dandy Stone
Broken East wind
Shakey Junior
Graham Cracker
Potshot Scott
River Jordan
Jeffrey Shart
Lugnut Lindell
Moe Ron Desantis
Bo Bert
Conway Shitty
Goebels Miller
Patsy Baloney
Paulie Fall apart
Uncle Thomas
Mrs. Uncle Thomas
Brett Boofter
Margerie Forger
Grandpa Adams Cruz
HeHaw Hawley
Stuart Eye Poke
Enrique Rico
Groomer Carlson
Eva Braun Ingraham

I finally realized – “What the hell am I afraid of?” – all of these goons in the news truly are nothing more than characters right out of Chester Goulds’ Dick Tracey comic strip. The idiot news casters and pundits want you to believe that America is on the precipice. Nah – (yes, we are totally fucked up) – but not ready to be cremated any time soon. Put away your paranoia . . . although I suppose Fear Sells . . ..

Then I had super yuge bigly fun trying to come up with names where the idiots of today would be cast in this old comic strip – that started in the 30’s! Steve Bannon as Prune Face is my favorite. If we were talking Batman – Roger Stone for sure is The Penguin. Giuliani might be Mr. Freeze (although if Mr. Clean were a bandit . . . . ). Don Jr. is Shaky for sure! The possibilities are endless . . . .

Here is Trumps inept gang of stooges:

Cool new perspective . . .

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