Red Sorrel

He hides in plain sight
Right under your eye
Next to the trail
Down in a swale

Making his plans
Hidden from man
Looks like a weed
That's what we believe

During the spring
He looks like noth-ing
Something to mow
Don't let it grow

Then when he dries
Brings tears to your eyes
His rustic dance
A rusty romance

During the summer
Seed pods bring wonder
Red, brown and rust
To see it - you must

Next time you walk
Past a weed with a stalk
Camera in hand
It will be grand

I sung only the stanzas in Bold - these worked best with the music. Since my surgery, I had lost my photographic "mojo" - luckily my music mojo was still in tact.

Last Sunday I paired some cool dried weeds I picked in a field with a creepy doll. I also took a macro shot through an old Yashica-Flex Rollei knock off film camera and shot the ground glass. I figure it would give a pinhole effect - and voila!

Now I have a "theme" for this summer - and its photographic cool dried weeds with my old creepy dolls and marionettes. I have several very cool weeds - one, called Red Sorrel (or sheeps sorrel) is quite beautiful - and I must have walked past in all these years and just wrote it off as an ugly weed. Amazing how we can finally open our eyes after so many years - and see something that was under our nose.

I'm starting to feel more like my old self again.

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