The Ghost Keepers

Line their closet
Their past deeds
Defies all logic

Bats fly high
In their belfry
Makes no sense the
Thoughts they keep

They talk a lot
And say naught
Seek attention
At any cost

Big fat bullies
Weaklings all
No backbone
Their downfall

Loose lips
Sink ships
Give away
All their tricks

Ghosts will haunt
Their future mind
Meet the devil
Leave mankind

I used to think all of the crazy narcissists out there in the press and internet media had no conscience. I think I was wrong – they do – but it shows in very strange ways. They always give away what they plan on doing (projection) – they make a lot of mistakes (the men always related to sex) – its almost like they know what they are doing is wrong – but they get a rush from it. If you have enough money and you are white – you are above the law.

Even less crazy people – like Bill Gates (connected to Jeffrey Epstein – really????) and Jeff Bezos – left his kind wife, had a mid life crisis of sorts and wants to be in space – beating Elon Musk perhaps? Elon Musk – smoking dope, screwing with Twitter and acting like an adolescent. Then the lunatics – Steve Bannon – fell far from a promising career he had at the start after the Navy – and now looks like a total bloated fat pig. Ghouliani? Elizabeth Holmes – who even dressed like Steve Jobs and had her fake “low voice”. I think Trump just unlocked a pandoras box – or started a competition – where all these [white] rich bastards want to be the next Steve Jobs . . . . and there are so many of them – and they are “captains of industry” and “political power schmoozers”.

My crazy voice in these recent songs are based on my Uncle Glen Bowen – of Bowling Green, Missouri. He would come over and my father and he would drink whiskey and then start bitching about politics, race, etc. They were both conservatives – so as the whiskey poured, so did the curse words. I absolutely loved this as a kid. I had a tape recorder and recorded them – and my brother and sister would imitate them and laugh like crazy. Here’s to you, Uncle Glen an my Dad – if there is heaven I’m sure it has whiskey.

My uncle died far too young – when he was 52, and after Regan my father turned Democrat, which surprised the hell out of me.

What those years did for me was along the lines of Archie Bunker did for me – show me how ignorant conservative Republicans are. They are much worse today. The bar is incredibly low.

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