Sturgeon Moon

She walked in to the party at eight
She was always fashionably late
Some say she rode a broom
During the August Sturgeon Moon

The super moon is on its way
Waxing, putting July at bay
The year moves on its almost fall
The colors turn and that's my call

She practices her skill at riding that broom
Pretty soon the sky will have little room
So many witches and warlocks up there
Flying like bats way up in the air

Its hard to believe August is here. Its a month where we lose 1 hour of daylight time, and its a month before the official start of Autumn. Growing up in Sussex County, NJ, we “closed the pool” not long after Labor Day, so the unofficial start of Fall was September 1.

Here in Orinda, East Bay of San Francisco, Autumn starts maybe mid October, but it seems more like November 1 any more. But I digress.

June and July were more fun than usual. I had a blast with my weed theme. I also listened to old Gene Shepherd WOR radio shows and during twilight I watched the bats fly doing their evening feeding ritual.

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