The Slider

They're a slider
A Trump Insider
Anal sniffer
Big Boot Licker

Fat Race Bannon
Loosest cannon
Kissing Trump's ring
While pawing his thing

Rotten gall Stone
Kisses Trumps bone
He's a dandy
A closeted pansy

Licks Trump's golf tee
Nonsense speaking
Hair dye leaking

Kraken Lady
Old Slim Shady
Strokes Trumps ego
Her pardon was vetoed

Capitol Stormers
Fuckin Morons
Going to jail
For the King of Fail

MAGA Nation
Mental constipation
Missing front teeth
Trump continues to fleece

The moral is
Careful what you wish
With Donald Trump
You're under the bus

Your breath smells
You'll burn in hell
You are drinking
From a poisoned well

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