Disturbance At The Rochester Hotel

She looks out
Her window
He said he'd never go
She in her veil
Wedding day that's
When he went away

Attic above
You can hear her
Running down the stairs
Wind rushes past
Your room window
She is that air

In 1892
They checked in
They were the first guests
Then he left
Her all alone
She never left

I lived a year in Rochester, NY and it was pretty damned grim. Many years later, I spent a couple nights in the Rochester Hotel in Durango, CO, and I experienced one of two paranormal experiences that I have experienced in my life. It was a woman, and she was searching for something – seemingly a lost love. It wasn’t evil at all, and I had empathy for her.

The other was at The Murphy’s Hotel, in Murphys, California

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