The Tri Cornered Hat of Blogging

Why do I like to blog? I mean it will never be for fame and fortune – and I have been an unknown in the art and music world.

  1. Its a cathartic form of journal writing
  2. I can express myself in a visual art (photography mainly)
  3. I can express myself attempting to write songs

I can be myself since no one is really watching. I can be a sort of pirate flying under the radar. Blogging forces me to think in terms of themes and has been the #1 inspiration as far as composing pictures and songs.

I don’t know of another medium that provides all of that. Now – combine my art self, work self and physical exercise self and it makes me feel whole and complete as a human being.

Finally, I view this as the best form of entertainment. Its like the old days – where people played a parlor piano or plucked a string instrument out on the porch.

2 Comments on “The Tri Cornered Hat of Blogging

  1. The other day I was getting nostalgic for the Good Old Days (mid-aughts) when blogging was at its zenith and the grand unified platforms had yet to emerge. I liked the fact that every blog was an independent operation, and the forces of the market had not yet optimized for brevity and banality. The best blogs had obsessive authors whose posts bordered on long form content. Every once in a while I stumble across an old blog from this era (inevitably abandoned, alas) and it is like a window into a lost world.

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    • its funny how the half life of any communication medium gets shorter and shorter. makes ham radio look the the longest running social network. geez imagine using morse code and now doing what im doing right now


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