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Very Nice Modern Take on a 1930’s Style Archtop Guitar

I am a hopeless romantic as far as feeling past ghosts and miscellaneous ephemera from a few certain eras in history. I do feel the spirit of these times, and do channel their vibe. Its a tad bit ghostly, but very warm. Not at all ghastly – more like a patron saint kind of thing.

Don’t worry – I base this on reading and looking at photographic monographs and reading biographies. I’ve got (at least) one foot firmly planted in reality. Some of this is very much influenced by my work doing genealogy of my mothers British and fathers German roots – both going back to 1500. And a wonderful surprise – some British and German relatives who were in America before the Revolutionary War!

Art wise, the Dadaists and Surrealists stir my soul deeply. Jack Kerouac and the beats and all black and white photographers from 18?? – 1970 – ish do it for me. Man Ray, Atget, Henri Cartier Bresson, etc, plus many more modern photographers. As far as music goes that’s pretty much all styles and eras, but especially the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Not all inclusive, and I think I like the 90’s the best and older jazz and blues from the “original” authentic players.

Anyway, the years that really stand out are when my grandparents were born in the 1890’s in London and Stuttgart, then WWI and the 20’s and 30’s – all of these decades for art, music and technological breakthroughs. For whatever reason, these are the times I channel.

Thank God I learned Morse Code on a straight key mounted on wood in 1973. I am a telegrapher! That very well could be the bloodline I have going back to old tymes. But old timey folk, hillbilly music and trains / railroads all factor in.

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