Politics as Grand Theatre

World Leader Pretend
Before Trump I was not political besides just quietly voting. I'm a centrist Democrat, socially very liberal and quite conservative when it comes to law and order and financial matters. I believe in a strong military but not ridiculous wars like Vietnam and anything G.W. Bush had us in. I've never been in a protest march of any kind. I've given up on all religions as they have become so politicized.

I like boring presidents, like Joe Biden - who works hard and has a good heart - and who at least cares about the common folk. I didn't think anyone could be worse than G.W Bush, and then there was Trump. Holy Shit was I wrong.

While at first I was very uncomfortable writing about politics (and religion), what has gone on in America since 2016 is so heinous and wrong, I've done my best to use punk like snotty humor to let off steam.

That has worked out well for me, because (especially) watching and listening to Michael Cohen, I at least have some comic relief. I love how matter of fact he is and how funny he is too. He reminds me of friends I grew up with in New Jersey. Come to think of it Cohen has that snotty NY - NJ punk think going on and that's super entertaining.

Here's hoping that all of this ends up preventing Trump from ever holding office again. The GQP will float other miscreants for office, but I've way more than had it with Donny Boo Boo. Time for a new GQP clown.

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