Wurlitzer 200A and Arturia V Collection 8

Last of the Electro-Mechanicals

Arturia’s V Collection 8 is a Godsend. One of the coolest genre of electronic organs or electronic pianos was the electro-mechanical keyboards where they had true hammer action keys combined with electronics.

I do remember some jazz musicians and funk and soul musicians using such gear like this Wurlitzer or the Fender Rhodes. Stevie Wonder for sure. The classic rock album using this was “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp. There are many synthesizers that emulate them as well.

For me, Arturia’s collection of classic keyboard based instruments has been a real “living history” lesson. I can feel the vibes of past groups and their gear. I have a newfound appreciation for keyboards I might have heard but never thought anything about.

The Arturia Collection has been one of my biggest songwriting sources of inspiration. At the 50% off sale it was only $250 for 28 keyboard instruments and over 8000 patches. I love my superb top of the line Arturia keyboard. Now how cool is that?

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