The one percent 
Are building rocket ships
For their ascent
From Doomland

What they forgot
Is what they had done
To make the planet rot
In Doomland

When high above earth
Their food supply spoiled
A flying tin can hearse
Above Doomland

You can run
But you cannot hide
From Doomland
You broke it
You bought it
No returns

In 1984 I was Oracle’s 127th employee. I had to interview with Larry Ellison, so yes, I shook the hand of the 13th richest man in the world. At the time he liked to tell the story about growing up on the south side of Chicago adopted by Russian Immigrants. He was certainly a “go getter” – or A Type for sure – but like all of these kinds of self made billionaires – they always start out somewhat liberal and at least a little humble. Then it changes yuge bigly. I think Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos also started out as wage earners.

The 1% don’t care about you and I – and I suppose when someone goes from being a wage earner to filthy rich – they just can’t seem to stay humble. Blue Bloods – like the Trumps are the worst – they really have no idea what its like to be a wage earner. Like Howard Stern said recently about his MAGA followers – Trump despises them. I just read about Larry Ellison owning 98% of Lanai, and how he fired a whole bunch of laborers and skilled craftsmen – like carpenters after they built his new buildings. They no longer served his purpose and they were the “untouchables” on the island. Its a very sad disease, and has been going on since the invention of money I suppose . . . . Supposedly Jesus threw such false idols and money changers out of the temple. Hilarious how these same bastards now “own” religion and the government. Trump holding a bible and hugging the flag are proof that “God and Country” are pure horse shit. Of course the GQP uses this as their mantle . . .

I don’t lament too much – while its frustratingly galling – these guys might buy islands or in the case of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos – they think they can go to some other planet when this one becomes uninhabitable – as if its disposable. They are dead wrong, and this song is about these cases. Imagine if China were to attack the US – Lanai would be a fly over zone. Imagine if the ice melting takes out big chunks of an island – or hurricanes, floods and landslides – these are not far fetched scenarios at all. Imagine how much can go wrong in a space ship! Nature WILL bat last – and at the rate we are going – we are totally fucked.

The United States IS an oligarchy. The only thing that separates us from Russia is that we haven’t seen the rich 1% (who disagree with our government) “accidentally” falling out of hospital windows or dying of “accidental” poisoning.

I can at least take some comfort in knowing that even the filthy rich won’t get out of this planet / life alive!

An absolute amazing album – you’ve never heard . . .

This post was influenced by one of the greatest albums no one has ever heard:

Its like a cross between Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Radiohead and several other bands – heavier bands like Tool.

My song sounds like an upbeat sing along compared to the “heaviness” of Failure, but what the heck . . .

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