Bodie and Hawthorne Telephone and Telegraph Company

My favorite house in Bodie, CA – McGath and Cain families lived here.

While our mid September trip to the Eastern Sierra’s did not turn up any great Fall color photos, we visited Bodie, CA and it was way more interesting than I had expected.

I have three books on Bodie now – by Geissinger, Clapp and Furman and Sprague. I highly recommend all three and actually together.

The Sprague book has a reference to the Bodie Telegraph, where in April, 1877, the first telegram was sent to Genoa, Nevada:

“Bodie sends greetings and proclaims to the mining world that her gold mines are the most wonderful yet discovered”.

I still plan on photographing fall colors, but I’m having a wonderful time digging in to Bodies history (bad pun intended).

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