Four Lions of Bodie

Pool table “feet” in The Bodie Hotel

We were going to go to Oregon for our annual Fall vacation, back to where we found the best Fall colors I’ve ever seen on the West Coast. Alas, the week we were supposed to go there were several huge fires and bad smoky air.

We switched and went to Mammoth and hiked and toured the Eastern Sierra and it was spectacular. The hiking at 9000 feet tested my new knee replacement and stamina, but I made it through a couple 3 mile and a 5 mile hike. I was slow but no pain and this week being back, I’ve kept up the hiking – since I know that I’ve made it through the worst part of “training”. Today I went on a 20 mile bike ride – first time since April and just before surgery.

I was very surprised at what an effect the Bodie Ghost Town had on me and still has on me. Its such a unique experience – a life experience, really. I love “living history” museums – such as Bodie or the fabulous Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco. You can really feel what life was like back during gold rush and other periods in time. Coloma, Columbia, Sonora, Auburn, Grass Valley, Murphys, Jamestown and Plymouth are other cool towns in the foothills

I’m hoping to go somewhere for a 4 day Fall color weekend, and I now know the first and second weeks of October are the best weeks to go.

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