Beauty is Where You Find It

I’m now in full swing with Fall Colors and everything Autumn. I’m using images that are current here in California, and from past trips to Colorado and Oregon.

Since I’ve started hiking again, I am feeling newfound appreciation for being able to do things we all take for granted, like walking.

Music has become totally meshed with my heart and mind. Work is great, and tech pays the bills. I’m very thankful for that. Hey, Thanksgiving is next month, but I give thanks a lot more often. I should every day….

Photography has been a hobby for many years – not as long as my Ham Radio hobby that I started when I was 13 years old and learned Morse Code, but not too many years later. I was recruited to go work at Kodak in Rochester, NY right out of Lock Haven State College in PA.

Being able to walk, see, imagine and dream should never be taken for granted. As you can see in the current world we live in, the rich man is the one who understands the understated beauty of nature and life, something no money can purchase.

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