From Photo to Song

Most of my songs are a combination of three things:

  • A photograph
  • How I felt when I took the photograph
  • A real life story but turned universal and which either directly or indirectly matches the photograph

This blog celebrates both nature photography and still life photography where I make puppet theatre sets with scraps of wood or where I show some of my past assemblage art. One area I’d love to get back to is street photography in cities and towns. I have shared some of my old European street photography, but probably not enough as that was done using film way back in the 80’s.

Sometimes the words are song lyrics, sometimes there is no music and the words are trying to pass themselves off as poetry. Words have a tendency to do that.

My intent with this blog was to meld multi-media together. I had some ideas for doing videos but have abandoned that as I enjoy good old still photography much more.

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