The Fallen Leaf Parable

Just when you think the year is a bust
Something comes your way
A gingko leaf, a different color
As if it wants to say

"Don't worry, there's still hope"
Like grapes on the harvest vine
There aren't as many as last year
But what there is is extra fine

Quantity can be over rated
Quality never is
Just when we think there is no more
We find what we've dismissed

Its not a problem
But an opportunity
Open your squinty eyes
You'll see what I mean

Its been a weird year. Not a bad year, just one where things didn’t turn out as planned or expected.

In several cases, what seemed like a curse was more a blessing or “just as good, but different”.

When I had surgery last May my goal was to be able to go hiking near Bend, Oregon, where we saw the best fall colors we’ve ever seen out west. Due to fires, we switched our trip to Mammoth and it was awesome. Too early for fall colors, but the high sierra hiking and Bodie were spectacular.

Just when I was resigned that this years fall colors would be a bust, I saw that our gingko tree had orange-ish leaves instead of yellow. That is a first, and one had blown to the back deck where I was sitting, hence the lyrics to this song.

There were other health problems in my family, but this “leaf parable” speaks volumes and is more universal.

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