Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin Guitar Review

Photo by Sweetwater

I’m totally blown away by this little guitar with the awesome sound from one P90 pickup.

I haven’t played my other guitars since I got this cool archtop about 2 months ago.

Its a very light guitar, made in Canada from all Candian hardwood. Its lighter than my superb Gretsch and Fender hollow bodies (I don’t care for solid body guitars).

Yes, a single pickup in such a guitar does have more feedback, but I’ve been able to work around this.

I purchased this because I did not have an acoustic guitar and wanted something to just add a strummy track playing along with my other “serious” guitars. Its taken over to my delightful surprise.

The guitar is one of the most playable I’ve ever owned and recording into Cubase, the P90 has a nice jazzy sound and if you use an amp model you can do great with a rockabilly or blues sound.

This guitar is a best value guitar for sure!

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