Heavens Depot

Heavens Depot
Run down peep show
Now shut down
Owner skipped town

Nascent beauties
Naughty nudies
In the flesh
They want your cash

Nighttime creepers
Meth head tweakers
Small town dreams
Not in their scene

On a mission
Useless buggers
Doing nothing

I visited Dayton Ohio in 2016 and liked a couple neighborhoods that people were fixing up. Like that one year I lived in Rochester, these towns had abandoned downtown neighborhoods and if you were willing to fix old buildings up, you could get a very nice old wooden house for next to nothing. Even if you had to put $200,000 into them, as the neighborhood gentrified, you’d easily recoup that. With remote working available (for IT people especially) you could make a lot and have very affordable housing in a hip neighborhood.

The catch? Once a town or city hits the skids its a very long road back, and I doubt things will return to “the good old days”. But the gamble will be worth it in some small US rust belt towns and cities. What shocked me the most was learning that Dayton was a sort of cross roads for opioids. So there was hope and despair. Apparently, the City has turned the problem around and is a model for other cities that have such a problem. You would be shocked to see where such problems exist in the US – these sorts of things are usually pegged to just big cities.

Now there’s a real life Halloween story.

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