Indian Summer

I went on a nice little 2.25 mile hike today. The air temperature and warmth of the sun is what we used to call “Indian Summer” growing up in New Jersey.

I Googled Indian Summer and its origins are somewhat murky but its defined by an Autumn day or days after the first killing frost. In Northern California, its an extended period usually the last week of October and could go all the way until Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, that is also when Fall colors in the Bay Area peak.

This year was kind of a bust for me compared to last year as far as making a trip to see spectacular Fall colors. Last year we just caught the end of the best Fall colors I have ever seen on the West Coast – up in Oregon. Ten years ago, we saw the absolute best Fall colors in Colorado.

However, today’s hike showed quite a bit of interesting dried leaves and other pre-Winter scenes. The best way to describe what I saw today was Indian Summer Scenes. Luckily, we live in a very beautiful area that you would swear you were near Sonora or other Sierra Foothill towns.

I replaced my now defunct Lumix LX-5 that I purchased more than 10 years ago with an LX-100ii and it has film camera like controls that are making a big difference in my photography.

I will start a new series that might co-mingle with Halloween called Indian Summer and it will run until Thanksgiving, my all time favorite US Holiday.

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