Tone Photos

The Lumix LX-100ii is my favorite small camera

A good friend of ours recently called my music “Tone Poems”. I looked up what a Tone Poem is and found that (like Art Song) these terms are beyond my musical ability. I like the terms, but I’m just a 3 minute pop song writer with slowly improving musicianship – fast enough though!

But she is right about one thing, I like reciting my lyrics like poetry rather than singing. Its my intention, not because I’m not a good singer. With enough work and some coaching (like when I took Cello lessons) I could become an OK singer if I wanted to. I just have no interest.

HOWEVER, when I write a song it is always connected to photography. Photographs and graphic art always co-mingle in my mind in a delightful way. So, lets call these posts Tone Photos?

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