The Lewis Kids Cave Grave

Photo by Mad Hare Imagery
It seemed so real
The sad way
It made me feel
The death of a child
Buried alive

In the fair town
Of Newton
I felt like Rasputin
A big fish
In a small town

When I'd walk
Through the cemetery
At night to Scouts
Halstead Street School
Ghosts? I had my doubts

There in the rocks
I was scared,
I was shocked
I heard a dull moan
Of those not full grown

I pointed my flashlight
On the rocks in the night
Unto my squinted site
A headstone I spied
It didn't seem right

It wasn't a dream
But tragically real
The headstone I read
Of three children
Who lie here dead

This is a true story. I really did walk past this grave on my way to middle school. A fun website that mentions this is here:

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