Santa Be Good

Santa be good
She's half your age
You have that Restraining Order
Breaking and entering
Is kinda your thing
You got caught at the border

Please stay away
From liquor and drugs
Its always on your breath
One more DUI we fear
And Christmas will be
Sentenced to death

Santa be good
Kiss Mrs. Claus
She threatened to go far away
Please make your toys
For the girls and the boys
Please stay out of that jail

I lived in San Francisco between 1984 - 94, before the Dot Con ruined it. Our Veterinarian for our kitties was Elmo Shropshire. He looked a little like Sting of the police and was quite hip - and was originally from Tennessee (if I remember correctly). [Correction - Kentucky]. His band was called "Elmo and the Highrise Hillbillies" and they did that wonderful / dreadful song "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer".

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