Last call for alcohol
And political vitriol
We The People
Want control

A Preacher,
Are left dry, wishing

You can fool some
But not for long
Soon we wise up
And come back strong

Besides hitting my first goal of losing 10 pounds, today was a nice light hearted day - yesterday's election seemed normal - almost boring - the way I think it should be. Its been a welcome relief.

The last 6 - ish years had so much hyperbole and constant threats that the sky was falling that at first I was in disbelief, then anger and finally, I couldn't keep up with it anymore - and many months ago - just did the things I like to do in life and forgot about politics. Besides politics, there have been religious nut jobs in the news, even in my software industry - its been non stop over the top hype since the first "Dot Con" started in the late 90's. Everything is "amazing", " revolutionary", etc. I've become saturated and numb.

With Meta (Facebook) and Twitter (Elon's biggest mistake), even that old hype is starting to die.

Many have moved away from California - but there are still way too many people here - so there is no real loss in those who have left. Heck - both my young sons can actually afford to rent apartments in San Francisco - which they never could do before. Watch the news - and the sky is always falling - cracks me up . . . Social Media and Vlogs are even worse.

Karma is just like that - just when you finally decide - "I've had enough" - things change. I've experienced other times in life when soon after I decided the pain was too great - it just melted way. Maybe we have some mental power over ourselves after all? My brother in law told me about divorce - which I went through in 2005 - ish - "Its not as bad as you feared or as good as you had hoped". And Blanche sung about it in their song "The Hopeless Waltz" - "I hope I never Hope again". Brilliant.

Anyway - I used to write a lot more about politics and write scathing nasty songs about the idiots I can't stand - but today, all seems calm. It feels like everyone finally has had enough and also just wants to get back to life even just a little like it used to be.

Hope is the word of the day . . . .

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