False Idols

You can worship your false idols
Pretend you know the truth
Me, I worship Mother Nature
Forsake and Forsooth

When I'm looking at Autumn Glory
That's when my soul doth sooth
I don't need no preacher man
Forsake and Forsooth

Yet I like the Holy Books
But find them so aloof
If they don't teach the Golden Rule
Forsake and Forsooth

I worship glorious images
And do not suffer fools
Through the barrel of a lens
Forsake and Forsooth

I grew up going to the Episcopal Church, and I’m very glad I did – it never felt like I was being shamed or brow beat. I then went to church with my kids (as my parents did with me and my Twin brother and younger sister). And like my experience, once the parents gave the choice to go or not go to church to the kids, the decision was to stop going to church.

There are many verses that I like, and they all revolve around what any good religion offers – teaching the Golden Rule. I like other religions that teach the same thing but from a different angle. I love Yiddish expressions and Zen Buddhist expressions. The combination of all of the religions feels much more enriching to me.

When I hear politicians using religion for political gain it turns me off so much there are days I think I’ve become an atheist.

But as soon as I take a picture of something so profoundly beautiful, my faith is restored in God and I keep my religion to myself. Its quiet, soft and warm. In short, its the feeling of Soul.

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