False Profits

False Prophet Lying about False Profits
Cook your books
And get tax breaks
Have what it takes

Only losers
Pay their dues
Stable geniuses
Never lose

That is only
Here on earth
From what I'm told
About second birth

When we die
The needy do well
Heaven for us
The greedy, hell

I’ve been fascinated by how many billionaires are pathological narcissists and how unhappy they seem to be because of a demon lust for attention. Maybe the narcissist part is what we used to call an “A Type” back in the 80’s? Its an age old Dickensian theme – and I’m sure since the beginning of man. Maybe some animals also behave this way? A wolf?

At first I thought Trump was an anomaly. But now there’s Musk. Many of the same behavioral traits.

At least Bezos and his ex wife are getting attention being philanthropists. Same for Bill Gates. To me they have ego but aren’t pathological narcissists because they are thinking of others and giving. Even if they were narcissists giving sets them apart. There are givers and those who only take.

I believe heaven and hell are here on earth and Mary Trump’s book title speaks volumes “Too Much and Never Enough”.

All of this fits the Thanksgiving and Christmas time (“Scrooge”) themes.

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