The Gift of The Magi(c)

One Magus

I’ve been reading a great book called “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”. If you want to give a cool little hardcover book for Christmas, there’s my recommendation. It even fits in a stocking.

While we are on the subject of word play and word etymology and gifts, look up the word Magi – its a lot more interesting than the Christian Bible story.

Magic and Magicians, which morphed into kings or wise men. Astronomers and those who practiced (at the time) esoteric science. I love how all of this evolved and also were in Iranian, Indian, Greek, Latin, Hebrew and other languages, customs and religions.

For me, there still is magic left in this world. Here are recent examples in my life:

  • My beautiful wife
  • My wonderful (grown) kids
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Loved ones who have passed
  • A fantastic 41 year career
  • Nature – yesterday stumbling on a gorgeous Elm forest with bright fall colors
  • Music – playing and (especially) Song Writing
  • Photography
  • Radio
  • All other art and artists who’ve influenced me over the years
  • The healing process
  • Exercise and sports
  • Practicing gratitude

The list could go on, but Holy Moly, magic (and by extension, gifts) still exists in this world – no matter how screwed up it sometimes seems. Luckily, change is constant, and while God Knows how politically screwed up the USA had seemed since 2016, change seems to be in the air.

When you compare that bad episode with the good, there is no contest. The single most powerful magic is the will of people to come together to improve their lot. Whether it be very local to oneself or more on the outside – even in your community or the world.

Maybe, just maybe, we are on the verge of people ready to work together and stop the divisiveness. In any case, lean in on the good in life. The ongoing fall of a few very greedy bad people almost seems to suggest the winds of change are nigh. Scrooge comes to mind.

The good never left us, it just seemed trampled under by the bad, but the bad was so weak, right minded people kept on keeping on unflinchingly – and like magic, the good seems to no longer be in the rearview fields mirror but right out front through the windshield.

Here’s to the hope and gift of the good conquering (or at least muting out the bad) for a while.

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