You Are The Gift

You are my music, my muse
You are the gift that
If I were dreaming I'd choose

You are the journey and destination
I'd travel the globe
To land at your station

Luckily I don't have to go far
At home in each others warmth
Together forever we always are

I will give thanks to God
That we found each other
And are like two peas in a pod

Its that wonderful time of the year, when we reflect on gratitude and the real gifts in life. Whenever I get down, I practice gratitude and its quite the miracle. I try to be thankful every day, no matter how distracted or busy I get.

Nick Lowe wrote a song that Elvis Costello covered, and whenever the world seems to be ungrateful and instead, hateful, I chant the name of the song – quietly in my head:

“What’s so funny about peace love and understanding”

In fact, its a new tradition of mine to play both Nick Lowe and Elvis Costellos version on New Years Day.

May Peace and Love be with you ….

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