White Trash Pop Eye

Daddy told young Elmer
"Please don't play with guns"
Because you'll shoot your eye out
Then you'll just have one

Elmer didn't listen
And he shot his Daddy's gun
It hit him in his right eye
Now he only has the left one

He rides horses tough as nails
With the Boys who are Proud
He got caught at the Capitol
On camera they were very loud

Wearing his pirate eye patch
Seen yelling MAGA chants
Now he sits in prison
Wearing orange shirt and pants

They say he went to Harvard
Thats a mighty fine school
Some how he got caught up
And became a MAGA Tool

He sits in prison waiting
For his presidential pardon
When hell freezes over he'll get one
That's when he'll be martyred

White Trash Popeye

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