No lyrics today – just playing with the Lap Steel and this bugger popped out. I tried to play other instruments with it – but was impressed with how the Lap Steel can easily command the entire song.

I’ve been reading and enjoying a great read – and one for those of you who like word play and trying to write lyrics or poetry – especially when you want to evoke an emotion:

Anyway, when I walked out the front door first thing in the morning – a strong wind was blowing the last fall leaves off our trees – and one gingko leaf landed in an old dried flower stalk in a magical – perfect position.

“Autumnfall” is that day or time when the last leaves are blown off the trees. It really then starts the winter season – here in Northern California – this is always just after Thanksgiving. However – we will still see some trees with color until about January.

So – “Autumnfall” is my made up word and contribution to “the cause” . . . .

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