Black Friday

Step right up 
And get in line
Spend every penny
Spend every dime

We won't stop
Until we're told
"Your over your limit -
Your credits on hold"

After the harvest
Of useless junk
We stash it in boxes
We stick in in trunks

We work all day
And work all year
So we can buy stuff
That we call gear

Black Friday

I Googled Black Friday – because the name is so bizarre for what is supposed to be a holiday festivity. Then I remembered “Hey, this is a fairly new phenomenon”. I know it didn’t even exist growing up in New Jersey in the 60’s and 70’s. Our Christmas’s then were “The Idea Book” or “Wish Book” or whatever it was called – Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs. It was more like “A Christmas Story” than it is today.

The History Channel web site had the best overview and historical timeline – and it was a great short read. In fact – now that I know its history, I’m finding Black Friday more amusing than repulsive. Its actually kind of funny . . . . in a dark humor way

2 Comments on “Black Friday

  1. Is Black Friday really still a thing? It seems like it’s been in decline for at least a decade. It didn’t seem any more specially shoppy this year than any other day since, oh, October 1.

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    • Didnt see news about people being trampled. I think most of its all online these days, but its still s thing


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